Consultancy Services

1 Type of Services

I offer consultancy services for the design, implementation and maintenance of web applications (backend tier of multi-tier web sites, web services, web-backoffice integration), typically based on Python, Zope and/or Plone.

The services can comprise:

2 Experience

I got my computer science PHD in 1987 with a compiler design subject from the Universität Saarbrücken, Germany. I then worked on microcontroller realtime systems and adapted the GNU C compiler for use with microcontrollers. I develop web applications since 1999, starting with internet access to the archive of a regional newspaper and an editorial system for planing and production support of an association newsletter. I then worked for a medium sized German publisher (1.000 employees) and have been a key contributor to the design and implementation of the backend of his internet sites and internet/intranet applications. These applications included:

My primary tasks have been:

Since 2009, I work as an independant consultant.

Since 1999, I develop free open-source software components. You find them partially here on this site or search for "Dieter Maurer" on

3 Information according to European Union directive 2006/123/EG

Name Dr. Dieter Maurer
Address Illtalstr. 25, D-66571 Eppelborn, Germany
Email: dieter (at)
Tel: +49 6881 590036
Assurance None
Special conditions/Liability As far as allowed by applicable law, liability is restricted to 3 times the agreed value of the service contract.

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